Learning principles

I came across an interesting talk by Dr. Marsha Lovett’s of CMU Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence on how we can derive principles for creating learning materials( esp. OER) based on the research on Learning Sciences. She discussed three key principles:

  1.   Learning is skills specific. – Students learn the skills they practice and only those they practice
  2.   New knowledge is acquired through the lens of prior knowledge – Students see things differently from the way we do( What we intuitively feel will foster learning may not even be understood by students).
  3.   Learners refine their knowledge and skill with timely feedback and subsequent opportunities to practice – feedback and opportunities for additional practice is important part of learning process.

The entire video of this presentation is available at mms://wms.andrew.cmu.edu/001/OLI/OLI_2008_s1.wmv



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